When five SEOs get together for a brainstorming session on how to help businesses during COVID-19. The discussion went from how do we help businesses, to helping customers find businesses that also care about their safety. By the end of the evening it moved to covering all natural disasters (please no more) as they occur. Domains were purchased and then the discussions how best to get something truly helpful live, fast.

The first stage will be a quick form that businesses can fill in, select that they are taking measure to ensure current COVID-19 recommendations to protecting staff and customers. Download a badge that can be added to their Website and Google My Business.

The next stage is creating business profiles, where the business can add additional information for customers, naturally this needs to be searchable for customers looking for businesses that have taken measures to protect them.

One more tiny detail, this site needs to cover the world …. know any translators?

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Who We Are

Connected by a mutual respect for one another and the desire to help businesses, help themselves.

Coincidentally we are current or former Google Product Experts.

Pedro Dias - Pedro Dias Consulting - Disaster Compliance

Pedro Dias

Digital Marketer, Optimisation consultant, Usability enthusiast and Google Marketing Expert



Tim Capper - Online Ownership - Disaster Compliance

Tim Capper

Local SEO Consultant and owner operator at Online Ownership



Sasch Mayer - Sasch Co - Disaster Compliance

Sasch Mayer

Disaster and Recovery Specialist and Corporate Troubleshooter



Spencer Wade - Lift Conversions - Disaster Compliance

Spencer Wade

Founder and Principle Strategist at Lift Conversions Digital Marketing Agency



Darth Autocrat - Lyndon NA - Disaster Compliance

Darth Autocrat

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